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Another Day, Another Regulation...

Updated: May 15

Covid 2021
Covid 2021

A Letter from Us to You

Dear Calgarians,

Covid has been hard on us all, but particularly on those of us in charge of food service businesses... The constant barrage of restrictions and regulations that are imposed and then withdrawn only to be re-imposed is very difficult to deal with. Today we heard that there would be another one of these restrictions, making it even more difficult for us to serve you. That said, your health and our health is more important than anything else. We will continue to follow any and all regulations imposed by the local and federal governments as we weather the storm.

Here's how you can keep supporting us while you keep you and your family safe:

1) We are offering curbside pickup through our website at www.ochorioscuisine.com/ordering and through Uber Eats and (coming soon) Skip the Dishes. Just make sure to choose the pickup option and specify it's for "curbside".

2) You can order for contact-free delivery through our website at www.ochorioscuisine.com/ordering or through Uber Eats or (coming soon) Skip the Dishes.

Your orders mean the world to us. Thank you so much for your continued support of our dream, especially in these very difficult times.

Stay happy, stay safe.


The Ocho Rios Team.

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